The City that Works?

Politics, Civil Rights, Gentrification : 1955-1987

VIII. Unit Eight: The City that Works?
Chapters and Sections
Illinois Standards
A. Richard J. Daley and the Irish Machine

1. 1955 to 1967- The City that Works(1)
When the Eisenhower moved in, who was moved out?
CBS: 11
a. The building drought ends- Prudential
Chicago Magazine- Daley vs. Daley

2. 1968 to 1972- The City in Decline(2)
a. 1968 Convention
b. Urban decay
Chicago 10
B. Suburbanization- The Metro Area grows (3)

1. Metro Region Mapping- Map the Metro
CMOM Ch. 8
2. Gentrification- Pros and Cons
How the Dan Ryan changed the South Side
C. Between the Daleys: Jane Byrne and Harold Washington (4)
TAL- Harold

D. Daley II- The Good (Millennium Park, trees), the Bad (Parking Meters), and the Ugly (Soldier Field)
Richard Daley Interview

Chicago Music- How Chicago Rocked the 60s