This video is by Chicago Latin Ska band Los Vicios de Papa and is filmed in Chicago's primary Mexican neighborhood, Pilsen.

Immigration and Neighborhoods

Pilsen- Curioius City
Irish Chicago- Documentary
Chicago's Black Metropolis- Doc
Lincoln Park Video Intro
South Side Neighborhood tour Part One
50 wards in 50 days- Great short series from WBEZ that talks to people all over the city about where they live and what they care about.
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How are Chicago Neighborhoods Formed?
Only the strong Survive- Roseland documentary
When did Chicago's Chinatown develop as a neighborhood?
Chicago New Americans Plan
Map of blacks/Hispanics/whites in city as of 2000
Changes in Population for whites/blacks/Hispanics 2000-2010 for the region
Changes in Population for whites/blacks/Hispanics 2000-2010 for Chicago
Ethnic change maps from 1990-2000
Immigration Graph
US Immigration site from Fordham University
Encyclopedia of Chicago
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Maxwell Street scenes
Black Metropolis
Black population change with maps
Black Chicago Renaissance
Great Migration
Studs Terkel Interviews on Race
Going to Chicago- A documentary on the Great Migration
__Geoffrey Baer Videos__
Foods of Chicago
Hot Dog Links
Biking the Boulevrds
Hidden Chicago
Immigration Map
Mexican Immigration
Immigration links at Loopster
24 Hours at the Golden Apple- Ever wonder what it's like at 2 AM at an all night diner- Here's the radio documentary for you.
Strangers in a Strange Land: Great stories about displaced people. Listen to the opening story.
An Immigrant Class: links to book home page which is used in class


Jazz and the Great Migration- Ken Burns
Andersonville Video
Eat Play Love
Anthony Bourdain- No Reservations Chicago Episode
Why don't Chicagoan's put ketchup on a hot dog?

Chicago Music

Chicago 2012 Cultural Plan
Blues Museum Opens
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