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What do you think of the proposed design for the new Lucas Museum? Does it work with the lakefront space?

Architecture Links

Chicago Architectural Society Education page
Chicago Architectural Foundation (CAF)
Skyline Stories from the CAF
Nova- Trapped in an Elevator
The Five most anticipated parks in Chicago
Chicago's Next Supertall
The Chicago Spire is dead. What next?
The New Lucas Museum
Loop Walking Tour - Geoffrey Baer
Lost Buildings- A beautifully rendered combination of a comic book and radio program following the lives of two men trying save the great buildings of Chicago
The Sky's the Limit
City of Chicago landmarks web
Encyclopedia of Chicago architecture entry with links
Landmark Data Base
Chicago Architecture Today
Chicago Landmarks with style guide
Chicago Residential Architecture
Prairie School
The Bungalow at 100
Video Tours of Chicago- Geoffrey Baer- WTTW
Burnham Plan at 100
Burnham article in the Reader
Burnham Worksheets
Digital Story of the Burnham Plan- nicely done
Structurae- Good site for individual buildings and architects
Chicago Skyscrapers
Chicago Buildings
Sears Tower
Chicago Architecture Info- by Architect
Chicago Architecture info- Home
Chicago Architecture Blog
Navy Pier Redesign
Riverwalk Re-design
Chicago wins 2012 Siemens Sustainable city award
20 tallest buildings in 2020
Design Slinger- An excellent blog detailing unique buildings in Chicago

Loop Walking Tour
10 towns that changed America
10 buildings that changed America
10 parks that changed America
10 homes that changed America
No where to go but up
Chicago By Boat- The river tour
19th Century Buildings- Five older buildings worth your time
Modern Chicago Architecture- Five MOdern Buildings worth looking at
Jeanne Gang on Chicago Tonight- Jeanne Gang interview
The Sky's the Limit- Short doc on Jeanne Gang and Aqua
Nat Geo Megastructures- NY's first green skyscraper

Schools of Architecture

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Architect Glogsters Worth Viewing
Adrian Smith
Adrian Smith 2
Helmut Jahn
William Lebaron Jenney
Frank Lloyd Wright
Jeanne Gang
Jeanne Gang 2
Bertrand Goldberg
Harry Weese