Fire, Dreams and Water: 1871-1919

Rhymefest is one of Chicago's most thought-provoking rappers. Here, he takes an old labor song from the time of the Haymarket Affair and shows the issues are still important today.
IV. Unit Four: Fire, Dreams, and Water: 1871-1919 (Two Weeks)
Chapters and Sections

A. The Fire: Truths and Fiction (1-3)

City of Big Shoulders Poem worksheet
GBS Ch. 6 CMOM p. 36-47
City of Big Shoulders Poem worksheet
Fire Powerpoint- Part 1;
Fantastic Map of Chicago on the eve of the Fire
Video: City of the Century: Fire, part 1

Fire Powerpoint- Part 2
Video: City of the Century- Fire, Part 2
The web of Memory
How the Fire actually benefitted Chicago
Curious City: What were the effects of the fire? Would Chicago have been as great if it didn't happen?
Part Two: Tensions and Torches after the Great Chicago Fire
Haymarket riot

HW: Write One Page paper from perspective of Haymarket participant

Video: City of the Century, Haymarket
The Fire section begins at 4:20. Haymarket begins at the 57:00 minute mark

Labor Strife

Pullman Strike

Haymarket Riot Debate (5-6)
05-04--poster (LofC).jpg
Curious City: After Haymarket
Haymarket Affair
Haymarket Links
Dramas of Haymarket
His Father's Namesake- Parsons and the anarchists
E of C- Haymarket and May Day
E of C- Eight Hour Day E of C- Knights of Labor
Labor Unrest Map
August Spies
PinkertonsBlackjack Bonfield
Emma Goldman
Socialism vs. capitalism
Fri., Nov. 14

Tues. Nov. 17
1893 Worlds Fair overview
Video: City of the Century- World's Fair
Curious City: What was it like to be a visitor at the World's Fair?
1933-34 World's Fair
E of C- 1893 World's Fair
What's left from the fair?
World's Fair Archive: Newberry
Wed.,Nov. 18

1893 World's Fair Lab:

Interactive Map

1933 Worlds Fair Lab:

Encyclopedia of Chicago entry on the Fair
1. Burnham and the White City
Field Museum Fair Exhibit
Madness in the White City- NatGeo
Thurs, Dec. 2
Test Lab

DUE: Friday., Nov. 21

Test- Ch. 6 Fire, Bomb, Fair Due