III. Unit Three: Becoming the Crossroads of the Country: 1848-1871(Two Weeks)
hapters and Sections

Wed. March 11
A. The Industrial City
1. Site and Situation and Industry (1)
City of the Century- Chicago's Location
City of Big Shoulders Ch. 4

Thurs., March 12
Railroad vs. Canal- Which has the advantage? p. 47-51 Ogden and the railroad- Wksts (2)
The Railroads
City of the Century: Grain and McCormick's Reaper Watch from 23:00 to
Grain and Lumber Trade- PP and Video (6)3.
Chicago: Metropolis of the Mid-Continent Ch. 6
Networks of Rails
Fri., March 13
Meatpacking- Armour/Swift and The Jungle (7)
City of the Century: The Hog Trade 41:00- 54:00
The Fall of Chicago's Meat Industry

Mon., March 16
Meatpacking- Armour/Swift and The Jungle (7)
City of the Century: Swift and Beef Watch from 1:15:00 until 1:26:00
1848 Pamphlet
Tues., March 17
Early Immigration- The Irish and Easterners-
City of the Century Video (5)
Interactive Immigration Map

Wed., March 18
Mail Order/Catalog Business (8) 34:00 to
City of Big Shoulders Ch.5
Thurs., March 19
1848- Powerpoint construction
Daily Life in the city City of the Century Levee District and Vice
Mailing to the World
Fri., March 20
No School

Mon., March 23
1848- Powerpoint construction

Tues.,March 24
Powerpoint presentation

Wed.,March 25
1. Disease (Cholera) shapes a city and its government
a. The science and politics of Water- Sewerage and River Reversal (9)
"How we got to Now"- Clean

Water and the city
"Water, Water everywhere...."
150 years of flooding and Excrement
Why does our water taste the way it does?
How the California Drought affect Chicago
99% Invisble: Reversal of Fortune

Thurs., March 26
Disease and Chicago Continued

Fri., March 27
Test #3- CBS Ch. 4&5; CMOM- Ch. 6