From Swamp to City

Mud Lake- the portage between the Mississippi and Great Lakes System

II. Unit Two: From Swamp to City: 1673-1848 (2 1/2 Weeks)
Wed. & Thurs. Sept.. 24 & 25
A. Working with time- Timeline of Chicago’s History- PST Lesson 4 and Chicago History Cards /Deck (1-2)
Chicago Flag Lesson-
City of Big Shoulders- Ch. 1 & 2 &3
Timeline from the Encyclopedia of Chicago 1630-1818
Sept. 26
Statue of Marquette and Joliet at the National Portage site- Harlem and I-55

Father Marquette and Louis Joliet were the first Europeans to come through Chicago and they liked what they saw.

But all was not easy. In total, they paddled thousands of miles and would have failed without the help of the Native Americans.

. Marquette and Joliet- Joliet Map Site and Situation and the founding PP and Portage Material (3)
Friends of the Chicago Portage
The Year 1795
Four Corners- Listen to this radio program on Chicago's most important intersection
Mon., Sept. 29
C. Native American Presence on the land- First Encounters (4)
Indian Trails
Sept. 30
“ First People’s First Encounters” Portage Unit Three
Without Native Americans, would we have Chicago as we know it?
Cahokia Article Washington Post
North America's First City
Cahokia Mounds
Cahokia Adventure
Where the name Chicago comes from.
Cahokia Decline
Do Native Americans still live in Chicago?

Wed., Oct. 1
D. Frontier Chicago- From no place to some place
1. Early Traders/trappers and settlers- Dusable, Beaubien, Kinzie,and (5)
Fur Trade
TransAtlantic Networks
Thurs., Oct. 2
a. War of 1812 and Fort Dearborn Massacre (6)
Later Settlement of Native Americans

Chicago Mag Reading
The Year 1812
Fri. Oct. 3
b. Life in the early city- Prairie Town and early government- Pre-incorporation (Prairie Tides)
Black Hawk’s Footsteps
Mon. Oct. 6
2. Transportation in the early city

Tues. Oct. 7
a. Roads, Trains, and the I&M Canal (10-11)
I&M Canal Adventure
Wed. and Thurs.,
Oct. 8 & 9
I&M Canal paralels the Sanitary & Ship Canal at Lagrange Road

b. The Canal- the federal and state gov role
Canal Shapes History

Water in Chicago
A History of the Canal in Song

City of the Century Part One
Oct. 14
Unit Two Test