This video was created as a final project in the first Chicago History class at Westmont High School.


I. Unit One: Getting to Know Chicago: The Geography of the Midwest, Illinois, and Chicago

A. Geography of the Midwest
CMOM Ch. 1 &2 p. 1-19
Monday and Tuesday Jan. 8-9
1. Intro to Chicago and Issues (1& 2)

Wed.- Fri, Jan. 10-13
2. Great Lakes Map Worksheet and Geography Alive
Great Lakes and Mississippi Basin Power Point
Great Lakes Facts Sheet
Physical Geography of Illinois and Glaciation- Great Lakes Intro Video
Great Lakes Atlas

The Lake vs. the River- Which was most important to the city?
Mon.- Fri., Jan. 15-19
a. Great Lakes Debate
Great Lakes WBEZ story links
The Lake vs. the River- Which was most important to the city?
b. Illinois River Geography- Connection to Lake
Michigan controversy- Asian Carp- Terminator Carp
Asian Carp News
Silent Invaders- Asian Carp- video
Silent Invaders- Zebra/Qagga Mussels
Silent Invaders- Sea Lamprey
Silent Invaders- Round Gobie
PBS Report on Carp and the Great Lakes
Asian Carp Invasion Doc- Part One; Part Two
Battling the Asian Carp Invasion
The Great Lakes Century- Pieces of the Vision Video Overview
Century Vision Video
River Redesign
TED Talk- Great Lakes Vision
Great Lakes & St. Lawrence Initiative
Regional Vision for the Great Lakes
Chicago's Biggest polluters
Quagga Mussels
Great Lakes Cleanup Video
River Reversal
Great Lakes Cities Iniative
The end of Smelt
Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald- This video does a great job of linking the song about the wreck with video and audio footage of the ship
TCI Ch. 4
Silent Invaders- Zebra/Qagga Mussels

Silent Invaders- Sea Lamprey

Silent Invaders- Round Gobie

Silent Invaders- Asian Carp- video
Jan. 22
d. Climate Zones and Vegetation (Create a Chicago Climograph) Climate Change in Chicago and city planning (5)
Chicago Wilderness and NY Times 5/23/2011


Jan. 23

Some cities might not be around in the future but Chicago will be

Will future climate change give Chicago a competitive edge?
Chicago vs. NY and LA regarding Climate Change

After Water

Chicago Tonight Climate coverage: Check out the Tom Skilling video
Climate Change in the Midwest
Lower Lake Levels at historic lows
Chicago weather History Quiz
Climate change in Chicago Video
Great Lakes Coalition Climate Change Report
Climate Links
Baton Rouge Climograph- See what Chicago can expect (minus the rain)
Chicago Climate Action Plan
Great Lakes Dead Zone due to Climate Change
Winter Ice less due to climate change
Climate Change in Lake Superior
Chicago #3 Best Biking City
Listen to "Where the water ends."

B. Practical Geography of Chicago and Illinois
CMOM Ch. 7: p. 265-275
Wed. & Thurs.,
Jan. 24&25
a. Illinois and Chicago Road Map- Reading a Road Map (6-7)
CMOM Ch. 8: 315-320
Fri., Jan. 26
b. Chicago Traffic Reports(9)
Lake Shore Drive

See more Highway videos of Chicago at Freeway JIm's
Chicago #2 Biking city in the US
- Jindra
How the Dan Ryan Changed the South Side
Jan. 29 &30
c. Public Transportation and the city- CTA Maps1 How to ride the CTA(10-11)

CMOM Ch. 8: 325-336
Jan. 30 & 31
d. Chicago- Learning the Grid (Street System)-Map Reading Skills, (8)
Chicago Street grid compared to other US Cities and why ours is better
Chicago Mile by mile
Map of Neighborhoods with Street Numbers
Street or Avenue?
Why are some streets named and others numbered?
Why are some streets named and others numbered? Part Two
The Importance of Alleys
Displaced: When the Eisenhower Moved in, who was moved out?
Chicago Gang Map

The Grid- An explanation
Wed. & Thurs.,
Jan. 31 & Feb. 1
Chicago Land-use Assignment Lab
100 years of land Land Values
Top small cities in Illinois

Feb. 2
Test One

Above: Spaghetti Junction (as seen from the top of the Sears Tower) where I-290, I-90/94 come together just west of Downtown.