NATO Visitor Guide: A Quick Visit to Chicago Final Project

Due: Thursday, May 24, 2012
The scenario:
You have been assigned a NATO Delegate to show around the city as a Chicago Greeter. He or she has never been to Chicago before. He/she will arrive at O’Hare Airport or Midway Airport on Thursday at 3:00 p.m. and will depart from the airport at 9:00 p.m. on Sunday. However, you will not be available to take him/her around the city due to prior commitments. As a greeter, you leave behind a detailed weekend schedule to follow. Your assignment is to create
that schedule in the form of a detailed itinerary. You may use the web site Tripit to create the itinerary.
Step One: Sign up at Trip it. Then connect with Mr. Landreth using the “Invite by Email” option. Then invite Mr. Landreth as a contact using his email . Begin planning.
Some parameters:
• Your friend has a budget of $1250 for the weekend.
• Choose a decent hotel or hostel for him/her to stay at that has access to public transportation and is in the central city.
• Your friend will not have access to a car or taxi. (Only public transportation—buses and trains or walking)
• Your friend must visit/attend:
o At least Three neighborhoods
o A theater event at a local theater
o A musical (Blues, jazz, alternative, world, folk) show at a local venue
o Two famous museums
o A Chicago park
o A famous architectural site
o A sporting event (professional or collegiate)
o A famous non-chain bookstore
or independently owned music store(no Border’s or Barnes & Nobles but
something locally owned)
o A trendy clothing or apparel store (no corporate stores like Old Navy)
o Three local restaurants (famous or just plain good- NO CHAINS. If you want an Automatic” F”, go to McDonalds, Burger King , Wendy’s, etc.)
o A trendy club or nightclub
Your itinerary should provide the following information:
• The specific weekend your friend will be visiting (any time between now and September)
• A brief description of each place your friend is going to visit
• The costs involved (the ticket/admission costs, meal, hotel room, etc.)
• When relevant, how much time should be spent at each site. (For example, how much time should be spent at a museum exhibit.)
• Directions of how to get to each place by walking or public transportation.
Your itinerary should begin with getting your friend from O’Hare airport into the city. (Provide directions and information about how to take the CTA and where to get off and get to the hotel.)
Make this interesting…
Do NOT be afraid to go off the beaten path. There are the common tourist sites that every Chicago visitor should check out but to make the weekend more interesting, come up with places that are not as touristy but more unique, edgy and hip. They should uniquely reflect the city of Chicago's character and history…
Use these websites for great information about the city and what it has to offer…

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Eat Play Love - Travel guide to Chicago's neighborhoods (A great site to find out about everything that’s going on in the city)


Choose (The website of the Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau) (A free weekly newspaper that also provides informat

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