The City in 2040

This project is about cities and life within them. By the year 2040, more than 75% of the world population will live in cities. In Europe and the Americas, we are already at that level. Life in a city offers opportunities for those who live within them. When designed and planned wisely, they can be wonderful, vibrant , and creative places to live. When designed poorly or when their infrastructure is overstressed, they can also be places of abject misery.
Your job in this project is to imagine the city of the future. In this case, we will be imagining the entire metropolitan region of Chicago in the Year 2040. Every decade the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) attempts to reimagine the future by anticipating the future needs of our region. This year, they are asking for your help in their BOLD IDEAS Contest. They want to know your vision of the future. What would you hope life will be like in Chicago or any other city in 30 years? They are so interested in your ideas that have put up $500 in prize money to the 5 best ideas from Westmont High School (See the Bold Ideas Entry form for details) Check out the web site and videos below for a better look at what CMAP is looking for.
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CMAP Go to 2040 Intro
CMAP Director Interview
To do this, we will need to look at cities do well and not so well around the world. Of course, we will look closely at Chicago to see what we need to do to improve it. We will also need to draw on your own experience growing up in the Western Suburbs.
The project will consist of the following:
Part A (Two Pages): A brief comparison of three well-run cities in three different continents. For each city, discuss:
1. Their location- What are their site and situation? Why were they founded where they were?
2. What challenges did they have to overcome in order to be successful?
3. What do they do well that Chicago could learn from?
Part B (1-2 pages): A brief discussion of the challenges that Chicago will face in the next 30 years.
1. List and briefly explain the three most important challenges facing the Chicago Metropolitan Area in your opinion.
2. Give at least one possible solution for each of these challenges.
Part C (1-2 Pages): Describe your vision of the city in 2040.
1. What will life be like in 2040?
2. What will the city need to do in order to meet the challenges?
Part D: Create one of the following to express your vision of the city in 2040:
1. A Poster, Presentation or Model
2. A Song, Rap, or spoken word
3. A video or digital presentation
4. An artistic representation (Photo/artwork/sculpture)
The entire project must be typed (12 point type/double spaced) and include a bibliography with at least 4 sources.
Go to 2040 Project Rubric
Part A- Comparison of 3 cities
40 Points
Part B- Discussion of Chicago's challenges
40 Points
Part C- Description of your vision of the city in 2040
40 Points
Part D- Creative expression of your vision
50 points
Overall quality of thought / coherent writing and neatness / Bibliography
30 Points
Total Points: